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10 Mobile Commerce Trends That Will Dominate 2023

A recent study has come up with a proclamation that our handheld devices, especially mobile phones, have taken a bigger chunk of responsibilities in our daily life functions. From making manual sales to starting a business online, from going to the doctors to getting e-checkup via phone, we have witnessed a major evolution due to which mobile commerce has taken a huge spike. In this article, we will exhibit the ten newest trends in mobile commerce that will dominate in 2022. 

1. Shopping via phones – A new type of storefront 

More than half of US consumers choose a mobile app to fulfill their purchasing needs instead of utilizing an internet browser. To begin with, 85% of users like mobile applications over mobile websites. Therefore, by creating an app for your Shopify business, you are already providing what the buyer wants. 

2. Augmented Reality 

Customers of mobile eCommerce can sample things before they buy them, thanks to augmented reality (AR). They can perform it on their bodies or even in their own place. By incorporating AR technology into your purchasing choices, you improve the consumers’ satisfaction rate. 

3. Social Commerce

The transition from a social post linked to a webpage has always been too difficult. Customers now have a more direct method to purchase things they see on social media, thanks to shoppable social pages and Instagram posts. Using social media for shopping has increased traffic by 1,416 percent and income by 20%. 

4. One-Click Ordering 

With one-click ordering, m-commerce applications have saved profile information that can be reused without entering it again. Your sales will increase, and your consumers’ time will be saved. 

5. Online transactions and payments

The use of mobile wallets has become more widespread. Even mobile wallet payments can be made via wearables like the Apple Watch. Although it isn’t yet the new standard or usual in transactions, we are moving in the upper direction. 

6. Virtual Reality 

To create a VR experience on mobile, connect VR devices to your mobile devices. With the help of VRs, e-shops are now giving their consumers a genuine buying experience. However, a VR headset is necessary for these experiences. VR tours are probably going to become more popular shortly, even though adoption is still moderate. 

7. Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) 

Mobile applications may convert revenues by 157% more than mobile websites, according to research in 2022. And 57% percent of American internet consumers utilized a smartphone app. The majority of modern online shoppers utilize their mobile devices to complete their transactions. 

8. Smart Chatbots

Did you know that with AI-powered chatbots, firms have reduced the cost of providing customer service by up to 30%? Chatbots may be used to respond to clients’ questions around the clock, assist them in finding specific items, and process orders. By mimicking human-like interactions and identifying consumers’ wants, these intelligent assistants make it much simpler to give users a tailored experience. 

9. Voice Shopping – On The Go

Businesses may profit from this mobile commerce future trend because 71% of consumers prefer voice search over text search. Customers may place their orders while waiting for a cab, making supper, or going for a walk thanks to voice shopping. 

10. User-Friendly websites for Phone 

The Commerce website and app feature a well-designed UI to support seamless search and navigation across the huge range of goods in the catalog. Brands can optimize their customer success rates.