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Source Code and Sharing Protocol

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Source Code and Sharing Protocol

  • Source-Code – Considering its covered in the contract, V8 Digital Solutions is liable to share Project’s full source code with the client post project closure and final accounts settlement.
  • Source-code shared is client’s property hence can be used in any way deem fit. Except for the parts of source code that are known as re-usable or framework level – components. Since those falls under either of the following: Opensource code under its own license, proprietary library/ component/ extension that V8 Digital Solutions has licensed from 3rd party development company to build the solution, V8 Digital Solutions proprietary RAD framework/ tool/ library that was used to rapidly build the foundation of the solution. All other code than those defined above (as exception) are custom written specifically for the client, hence they are considered client’s property post final settlement.
  • Code Repository – V8 Digital Solutions keeps its source code with either of two standard repositories. Git or Bitbucket. Source-Code when shared with the client can be shared via GIT, Bitbucket, Zip over FTP / Dropbox / Google Drive
  • Code Maintenance Support – V8 Digital Solutions under 60 calendar days maintenance period after successful delivery of the project, provides support for Code Maintenance to the level of 3rd party standard libraries/ cloud-API/ framework level upgrades.
  • 3rd Party Vendor Integration – V8 Digital Solutions and client together can choose an established 3rd Party Service as a platform of choice or as a major integration to deliver certain feature or functionality. Code-Maintenance doesn’t cover major 3rd Party Service shutdown or any impact due to any change in service contract. Since, these are classified as a Vendor Lock-In; and 3rd Party vendor’s choice for Service provision though gets finalized after a level of due-diligence and in mutual consent with the Client. V8 Digital Solutions can of course take no guarantee on their behalf for sudden unavailability of the service.
  • Source-Code shared by the Client – In case V8 Digital Solutions enters in a contract with the Client, where client wants V8 Digital Solutions to work on their existing source-code for enhancements or extension — a proper handover process of the source-code and all related assets for development needs to kick-in. This process covers and makes sure V8 Digital Solutions has an access to the latest source-code/ development packages or its repository, that source-code is well commented, and documentation of the system’s architecture/ components is provided along the existing system’s bug-report.

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