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Mobile Application Development

Trends That Are Evolving Mobile App Development Industry

According to the latest reports, if you want to be successful on digital media, you must have a mobile phone to constantly get updates and give responses in return with fewer delays. Over 5.31 billion unique mobile users in the world constantly demand something new and innovative for their entertainment, learning, business, and other activities. The businesses are rising and getting success with the digital media, transformed models, and marketplaces we now have incorporated in mobile applications.

This constant rise in demand comes up with several new mobile app development trends which focus on giving an enhanced experience and consumer engagement to attract more customers. The recent trends incorporated a huge amount of data and analytics to create advanced technologies and shape the user experience.

In this blog post, we will discuss the latest technology trends of mobile app development that are evolving in the industry.

What is Mobile App Development?

Mobile application development is a progression of processes and strategies written to perform tasks in wireless devices like smartphones. Like web development, mobile applications are additionally evolved with a base of traditional software development.

The well-known established mobile platforms are Android from Google and iOS from Apple. These mobile phones are preloaded with the mobile applications in their mobile app stores, i.e., Google Play Store and App Store respectively.

Types of Mobile Applications

Mobile apps are of multiple types serving different purposes. Before developing a mobile app, we need to understand which type of app we want to create. Let’s discuss these types below:

– Native Applications

Native mobile applications are developed using integrated development environments (IDEs) and languages native to the mobile operating system like Android or iOS. As a native app is built for use in a particular operating system, it is allowed to do feature customization and the ability to use device-specific hardware and software. Native apps are comparatively costly.

– Hybrid Applications

Hybrid applications are a combination of both native and web apps. These web applications are encapsulated in a native app shell by using technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Hybrid applications are cost-effective as compared to native applications and are popular because code is written once and used on multiple platforms.

– Progressive Web Apps

PWAs are web applications crafted with web technologies but look like mobile apps. The web-platform features are incorporated in the progressive web app for users to provide them with a native app experience.

– Libraries and Frameworks

Libraries and frameworks are the reusable codes already written and stored by someone else to speed up your process of mobile app development.

Top Trends of Mobile App Development

Let’s learn about the top trends that are evolving in the mobile app development industry.


In 2021, the increase in 5G connections was 41% in the world. 124 million new 5G connections were added between Q1 and Q2 which led it from 305 million to 429 million in 2021. The aim of 2022 is even higher with efficiency enhancement and more speed and less latency.

This improves the mobile app functionality with which users can make fast downloads and uploads and developers append new features and attain the maximum benefits.

Mobile Commerce:

Mobile commerce is one of the top trends as it controls 73% of the global commerce market share from 59% in the year 2017. Over the last six months, almost 79% of the mobile users did online shopping from their mobile devices.

E-commerce businesses are growing very fast and there is no stopping, so you must be updated if you want to make a sustainable business.

Wearable App Integration

IoT technology got a boost after the boost of growing mobile development across many industries. This technology has a pathway and a huge number of opportunities. The network of interconnected devices makes it convenient for the users to automate the smallest task to large businesses.

Mobile app development is growing and not only developed for mobile devices but the booming trend of wearable devices. Now developers developed the apps keeping in mind that this app can also be used in the small watch on your wrist and needs to look and function properly in it.

Beacon Technologies

Today, wireless transmitters have been found everywhere. They are very small in size to be fit in the smart devices. These technologies are developed to allow marketing leaders to target potential consumers by showing them the advertising based on their current location.

Foldable Devices

With the advent of technological advancements, user preferences are also transformed and now people need flexible, easy-to-use software as well as hardware. From supercomputers to smartphones, we have come across the best feasible devices according to the requirement.

Foldable devices are crafted to give the big and small screens in one device. Users can fold the device when they need to receive a call and make it full screen when they watch the analytics of their business.

Augmented Reality

AR technology is a combination of real and virtual worlds with real-time interaction and 3D registrations of real and virtual objects. AR feature integration is now a trend that develops a smooth user experience in the mobile industry.

On-Demand Applications

On-demand applications are making waves as we have seen the success of such applications in the pandemic and post-pandemic. These apps provide you service delivery within a couple of hours or even lesser time like booking a ride with Uber or ordering groceries with just a few taps.


As the world is moving towards digital money, mobile applications have jumped in to solve the paper money problem. Many applications have been developed where mobile users can make their transactions easily by different modes of payment. Now every e-commerce app has its own wallet to make a smooth payment method.


Blockchain is the fastest-growing technology where transactions have been recorded chronologically and publicly. It is the way to secure the app with improved processes in mobile app development. This digital ledger also improved the quality controls and tracking features.

Cloud Storage

Cloud technology is the best data storage mechanism, taking the worries of data management away. Mobile apps can now store a large amount of data with the integration of cloud computing and perform tasks without the worries of data security and huge costs.


The most innovative trend in the mobile application development industry is the use of AI/ML. This technology is used in the facial recognition feature which is used by many app development companies to improve security.

AI is also used extensively in geo detection, enhancing the gaming experience, and advanced software development.


The industry of mobile applications is constantly expanding. There are millions of apps on the Apple App Store, Google Play, or Android Play Store in which it is hard to make sure that your app stands out. Unless you stay updated with the latest trends and know how to deliver unique, robust, and feature-rich apps.

This industry is continuously evolving and expanding which requires constant learning and awareness to survive in this competition.

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